Support The Ice House Museum.

Dave Kidder, Board President

This extraordinary collection is open for public viewing and hands-on experience free of charge. The operation and activities of The Ice House Museum are funded and supported solely by our Friends and grants from foundations or other organizations. We welcome the support of our Friends at any level and invite you to join the many others who believe The Ice House Museum is a local treasure worth preserving. All donations are tax deductible. 

By joining the Friends of The Ice House, you can help maintain Bill Kidder’s Collection for the education and enjoyment of future generations. Information about the Friends is available by downloading a CONTRIBUTION FORM.

Beyond financial support, we can also benefit greatly from the gift of your time. There are many opportunities, from cleaning, sweeping and dusting, brass polishing, making things work again, painting, cataloguing of our tremendous collection, helping out at events, serving on committees, fund-raising, or acting as a guide to visitors.  Honestly, it’s a ton of fun! There is so much to discover and learn! If have some time which you could spend at The Ice House Museum, please contact Putnam Kidder at (603) 387-4332. To add your name to our regular mailing list, just CONTACT US with your postal address.

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