Events at The Ice House Museum.

The following events are planned at for this season at The Ice House Museum. There is no admission fee for these events. Donations are always welcome!

May 28: Opening Day!

Today the Ice House Museum officially opens for public tours; the season runs until mid-October.

June 8: Volunteer Get-Together

If you are an Ice House volunteer, please mark your calendar for this special get-together — our way of saying “thanks” for all you do on behalf of the Ice House. (4:30 to 6 PM)

June 26: Cracker Barrel / Life Around the Pumps

Join us to reminisce about life and happenings around the old garage. 

The Kidder family ran Kidder Garage on Main Street in New London from the time of the first automobiles until the garage closed in the 1980s and its contents were relocated to the Ice House. This June, we are going to break the ice with “Life Around the Pumps.” David Kidder, who spent some time around the pumps over the years, will moderate while some folks share their stories. It promises to be a nice stroll down memory lane, so watch our Facebook page, Kearsarge Shopper and your mailbox for more information.

(7 PM)

July 13: Old Ford Day

Join us from 9-1 at The Ice House Museum for Old Ford Day. Stop by in your own special Model T or Model A. Pitch in to learn how to complete a specific repair or maintenance item on one of our cars. Share experiences and advice unique to these wonderful old cars. Free rides! (9 AM to 1 PM)

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October 5: Antique Tractors & One-Lungers

From 9-1 at The Ice House Museum, we’ll be pulling out some of our one-lunger engines to get them running. We'll also have some antique tractors running around the Ice House, so we’ll definitely need some additional expertise to address some of the issues of these wonderful old engines. If you have one, bring it on by and join our “mutual admiration society”! It’s always fun and there’s much to be learned from each other. (9 AM to 1 PM)

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